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It's no secret that finding a quality man who wants to commit or get married is difficult.

As women, we understand what other women are looking for in a mate because unfortunately, we have all dated dead-end guys at one point in time.

Take for instance the Narcissist who is so into his own career, his own accomplishments, or his own looks that he has no intention or ability to offer anything to just one woman.

Or the Rebound guy, who just broke up with the ‘love of his life’ and is looking to keep his mind and heart busy while he is begging and pleading for her love back.

And last but not least is what we call Just Around the Corner types. You know the man who can’t settle down because he is afraid something better is just around the corner. 

Marriage Material helps introduce women to men who are marriage material now. 

We encourage women to help other women weed out the “just want to hook-up guys.”

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