The everlasting and inevitable institution of our society is a dating and marriage agency. In Ukraine, it is not even easy occupation: the ability to find in the vast world a reliable partner in life for the individual person has become an art.
In today's world the citizens of large cities almost have no time for personal life. And what do you suppose to do? To spend lonely nights with a glass of martini, watching soap opera on a favorite sofa?
No way! You should act sensibly, prudently and with foresight: recourse to the professionals!
The main part of international marriages, which helped many Ukrainian girls and women to move to Europe and America, were held only by professional matchmakers of different levels - from a lady matchmaker to famous marriage or dating agencies.
Who are the modern Ukrainian matchmakers?

They are matchmakers with their personal database of grooms and brides. Usually this type of matchmakers does not provide an extensive advertising campaign. They transmit their brides and from hand to hand. The guarantee of the quality of services can be only a matchmaker’s reputation.

Dating clubs
This is perhaps the most common form of professional matchmakers in the former Soviet Union. 10-20 years ago, only a lazy marriageable girl of any age ignored this club. Mostly dating club organized events for people to rest and relax, such as evenings dating, flirting, partying, outdoor recreation, travel. Often, these events had a goal to find a "second half”. But to find there a life partner among 20-50 people was statistically almost impossible, but it was real to spend a good time, relax and find new friends.

Marriage and Dating Agencies
This type of professional love search is the most favorite than any other in the world. Staying at home, sitting on your favorite couch you can meet, get to know people, chat, flirt, choose a partner and still be insured against an unwanted intrusion into your life. Once having access to the full information of the website, you can view all the profiles and look for a person with whom you want to start a family almost anywhere in the world. This is very similar to the newspaper marriage announcements, but the moment a personal meeting is pulled through the virtual communication, which runs much faster due to the speed of information technology.
You need to know that marriage and dating agencies are divided into paid and club. Paid marriage agencies for all their services charge money, from the girls, from $ 10 to $ 20 and placing their photos in the western photo online directories or on their own website. This fee can be a one-time pay, perpetual and a subscription - as long as the woman needs to meet her happiness. Perpetual rate varies from $30 to $50. The annual subscription fee is rarely rises above $ 30.
Club agencies are paid only for men. For women the creation of the profiles and data placement in catalogs is free of charge. The subscription fee for men varies from $10 to $ 35 a month. There are some variants for men possible without payment for the membership, and then the payment is collected by the processing system: if a man wants to get an access from the main page to the inner one of website of the agency where you can read detailed information about a favorite Ukrainian girl, he pays using his credit card.
Recently, some dating services became popular for their charges from men only for professional translation of letters, because of the language barrier; the biggest difficulty is in such communication. The cost of translation of one letter varies from $5 to $ 8. If a person desires he can chat with a Ukrainian woman or girl "live" in text and video chat rooms for a fee.

Many people heard and know natural beauty of Slavic women. We offer you to make sure in this once again having a look at our ‘the most beautiful’ photo-survey of popular and famous Ukrainian beauties.

Photos of Ukrainian girls on sites of dating agencies look so strikingly that one can’t help but wondering if they are real. Why do lonely women pay so much attention at their photos?