- A part of them want to find ‘their own’ man, somebody with whom it’s good and comfortable, to find their ‘second half’. They are ready to date with our as well as western men. They want to have maximal chances and use all the accessible possibilities. Usually they get married in half a year – one year after entrance to an agency. A part of them choose local husbands, another part choose foreign ones. They choose an aim not just to go abroad but to find a soulmate and in most cases they reach this aim. Many girls coming to a dating agency met Ukrainian men before and even have children from them, but they decided to marry a western man. They usually explain their decision by the fact that they better like attitude of western men to children and their health.
There are girls who made a point of just leaving abroad with anybody. As experience shows, this category is the most vulnerable one.
If other girls treat their choice reasonably careful paying attention at actions, observations, mismatches in letters, those who just want to leave usually ignore such ‘trifles’.
- Some girls or women come to a dating agency after a grievous loss, a divorce or parting with a beloved person. They can come at once after some time after an experienced loss. For them turning to an agency is an important step, the next stage of their life. They understand that everything that was dear to them stayed in the past and now one should live in present and look into the future.

Another group are girls who are not successful within local men but they think for some reason that it will be easy for them to find a man in the west.
But also in other countries one wants to see in a woman a partner, a friend, a lover and just an amazing woman. In this western man don’t differ from Ukrainian. They want to see a person nearby with whom it is comfortable and secure. That’s why woman who can’t manage to build a close relationship should first do themselves, think of their own style in appearance and behavior, take the measure of happy couples and try to understand what attracts men in their beloved wives, look at that warmth and joy which they give to each other. And then, without any doubt, there will appear men wanting to bask in the light coming from them, who would like to connect their faith forever with them.

Many people heard and know natural beauty of Slavic women. We offer you to make sure in this once again having a look at our ‘the most beautiful’ photo-survey of popular and famous Ukrainian beauties.

Photos of Ukrainian girls on sites of dating agencies look so strikingly that one can’t help but wondering if they are real. Why do lonely women pay so much attention at their photos?