They came for a beautiful dream to America, and arrived in a small town or village. They wanted to walk the streets of the "Big City” as the beautiful heroes of the movies. They dreamed to wear clothes of famous designers, and now they have to live in a nice and cozy house, near which there are a few of the same homes. Shops, schools, sports centers, cinemas, churches are often located at a considerable distance. In the USA you always have to drive a car.
All the neighbors are busy, they live their own things, nobody is willing to tell you about the troubles or problems, and none is going to listen to your complaints. Everybody is trying to demonstrate a happy life with a smile.
Any Ukrainian woman, who came to America for the first time, was experiencing a cultural shock. And this is natural. These women wrote about these problems on forums and websites with a topic “marry a foreigner." But everything depends on the woman.
There are thousands of stories of happy marriages of Ukrainian women and Americans. And there are hundreds of stories of divorces. And honestly, most of the times, in cases of divorces women blame themselves. Often, even at home, they were intolerant to other people's opinion, fought with colleagues, were conflicting people. They thought that marriage to a foreigner will solve all their problems. But you cannot escape from yourself.
Those Ukrainian wives, who have a happy life in the USA write how gradually they entered into the family of a husband, what kind of relations they had with his relatives and friends, as became a fellow member of their husbands. And they also write how they tried to keep their national traditions abroad and taught their husbands - celebrated Orthodox holidays, cooked traditional food, shared their problems with the closest friend – a husband.
And all that is good for Ukrainians, it is easy to bring in a new family. But the penetration of cultures should be mutual. Happy Ukrainian girls on the question, can it be a happy marriage with an American, confidently respond that such a marriage can be created by the woman at first. And they say that one of the important rules that you need to remember if you want to win the respect of others in another country - you should never say anything bad about your native land. And the second rule is – you should never say anything bad about the motherland of your husband.
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