A number of lonely Ukrainian women who dream of finding their European man and marrying him after moving to his country is constantly increasing. One can’t be surprised at a great number of international dating agencies. And Poltava is also not an exclusion. In a city with a population of a bit less than 300.000 people work about 20 officially registered dating services, and the number of various private matchmakers can’t even be counted.

The majority of clients who turn to Poltava Ukraine dating agencies are women who are from 30 to 50. Among foreign men this category is the most demanded – a great number of men dream of Ukrainian beauties, charming, smart, and sexy, whose age lets them look at life not with eyes of a young girl but a mature woman.
Poltava brides are very popular among men, and the thing is not in their natural beauty and attractiveness only. Demands from a future wife and mother of children haven’t changed from ancient times. The majority of men look for a woman who is understanding, modest, well-educated and housewifely. They find this whole list of qualities in Poltava girls on sites of local dating agencies.

Many people heard and know natural beauty of Slavic women. We offer you to make sure in this once again having a look at our ‘the most beautiful’ photo-survey of popular and famous Ukrainian beauties.

Photos of Ukrainian girls on sites of dating agencies look so strikingly that one can’t help but wondering if they are real. Why do lonely women pay so much attention at their photos?

Marriage agencies:

Poltava, Komsomolskaya str 36 office 304
+380 (532) 50-24-09; +380 (67) 530-03-47;

2."Ledy Fox"
Poltava, Lenina str 13
+380 (532) 7-49-32

Poltava, Matrosova str 4, office 506
+380 (50) 075-98-09

4.Marriage agency
Poltava, Pervomayskiy pr 19
+380 (532) 50-29-55

5. Dating service
Poltava, Lenina str 4 office 4
+380 (532) 61-15-78

Kuybisheva str,12 office 311
+380 (95) 719-20-04

7. Dating agency
Lenina str 13, office 511
+380 (532) 65-26-45

8."Nataly Glamour"
Shevchenko str 27
+380 (5322) 7-29-83